Gold Knee Implant in Jhansi

Posted December 2, 2020 by Admin

Are you planning for Knee replacement but worried about your allergy or infection? Now we have remady for you, as Pioneer Replacement surgeon Dr Gaurav Kumar and Jhansi Orthopaedic Hospital brings the much awaited GOLD KNEE IMPLANT for patients on risk of post replacement allergy or infection; Gold knee implant is a breakthrough initiative in the field of joint replacement which offers better longevity of the implant (4-5 years more than conventional implant) , negligible post replacement allergy and infections.

so what are you waiting for, book an appointment with Dr Gaurav to understand more about Computer Navigated Knee Replacement with Gold Knee Implant . For Appointment Contact:- 0510-2320656, 8417949366, 9794984448