Knee Re-surfacing (UKR)/ Partial Knee Replacement


In Recent years, Partial knee replacement, also known as uni-condylar knee replacement (UKR) or Knee Re-surfacing has emerged as a possible and viable option for patients whose entire knee is not affected by arthritis.


In Knee Re-surfacing (UKR)/ Partial Knee Replacementonly a part of the joint affected by disease is replaced with a prosthesis. Hence, surgery often can be performed through a smaller incision and involved less bone and soft tissuedissection, thereby offering potential benefits in the early rehabilitation period.

Patients undergoing a unicondylar knee replacement also seem to have a more favorable outcome inregard to certain functions like stair climbing or kneeling. Patients with a successful unicondylar knee replacement recover range of motion faster and have better overall rangeof motion compared to patients undergoing total knee replacement.

For a successful Outcome of surgery, it is very important to choose the patient correctly. Not all patients are good candidates for Partial Knee Replacement. The surgeon’s expertise is of utmost importance to achieve highest possible results with knee Resurfacing. At Jhansi Orthopedic Hospital, our experienced and compassionate surgeon give the most thoughtful advice and care for your well-being.