Computer Assisted Surgeries (CAS)


JOH is a pioneer in Computer Navigated Joint Replacement in Jhansi & Bundelkhand Region. We have fortified hundreds of people with Happy Joints using Computer Assisted Navigation for Joint Replacement since 2015.

What is Computer Assisted Surgery?

Computer Assisted Surgery is a revolutionary surgical technique in Joint Replacement. It is similar to GPS technology of cars /Mobile. Just as the GPS allows a Driver to reach his destination precisely by continuously tracking current location, and providing inputs, a Computer Assisted Navigation system provides real time visualization of your joint anatomy and displays them on a monitor before, during and after surgery.

It incorporates a state of art software system with high Resolution optical cameras and infra red sensors which provide a 3D biomechanical visual analysis of natural structure of your joint. This assists the surgeon in accuracy of bone cuts, implant positioning, ligament balancing, and final alignment of the limb with almost no error (errors up to 0.5 degrees and 0.5 mm can be precisely fine-tuned). It also allows better post operative rehabilitation. Computer navigation adds almost 10 more years to the life of implanted joint thus increasing the longevity of the implant up to 30 years.

Computer Assisted Surgery for TKR Conventional TKR
Increased accuracy and precision of surgical interventions Lesser accuracy and precision of surgical interventions. Room for Human error.
Less invasive operation (no need of using intra-medullary instruments) More invasive operation ( have to use intra-medullary instruments )
Step by step verification of surgical procedures No step by step verification of surgical procedures
Reduced exposure of radiation for both patient and surgeon Radiation exposure is more for both patient and surgeon.
Reproducible and comparable results Non- reproducible and non-comparable results
Less blood loss More blood loss
Faster Recovery with less Post-operative Pain Longer Recovery time with significant Post-operative Pain